Hixson & Associates was established 25 years ago as a Development and Project Management consulting firm.  Over those years, we have acted as primary managers for a wide range of projects, representing private and public sector clients, non-profit organizations and real estate development concerns. This 2.0 version of Hixson & Associates reflects the transition of my career moving away from managing specific projects, allowing me to focus on passing on the experience and insights into the design and construction process gained over a 45-year career as a project manager and architect. Looking ahead, I plan to provide strategic advice on Capital Facilities and Real Estate projects, particularly for non-profit organizations, acting as “of-counsel” to Directors, Managers and Boards as well as continuing to engage in underwriting and review of Real Estate development projects and as consultant for Real Estate Development and Transactions. In addition, I will continue to speak and write on different aspects of the development, design and construction process suitable for architects, project managers, planners, general contractors, facilities managers and non-profit development managers and/or boards of directors.


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